Developing exams to determine professional competence

For member licensing boards, NCEES exams are essential to ensuring standard qualifications for professional engineers and surveyors. These exams include the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE), Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE), and Structural Engineering (SE) exams for engineering licensure and the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) exams for surveying licensure. Staff, psychometricians, and P.E. and P.S. subject-matter experts continuously review NCEES exams to ensure that they are reliable measures of candidate’s competence.

NCEES has agreements to administer NCEES exams in the following countries:

  • Alberta (FE, PE)
  • British Columbia (FE)
  • Egypt (FE, PE)
  • Emirate of Sharjah (FE, PE)
  • Japan (FE, PE)
  • Manitoba (FE)
  • New Brunswick (FE)
  • Nova Scotia (FE)
  • Prince Edward Island (FE)
  • Qatar (FE)
  • Saskatchewan (FE)
  • Saudi Arabia (FE, PE, FS, PS)
  • South Korea (FE, PE)
  • Taiwan (FE, PE)
  • Turkey (FE, PE)