Leading the commitment

The work of NCEES is not possible without the contributions of volunteers. These volunteers—including member board members, associate members, and emeritus members, as well as professional engineers and surveyors across the country—dedicate their time and expertise to support the organization’s mission to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors. They form the organization’s leadership, serve on committees, develop exams, and participate in outreach events. Through their combined efforts, they allow NCEES to do more and be more.

At the 2018 annual meeting, 215 delegates attended the business sessions to conduct Council business and debate the issues. Many others attended zone interim meetings in the spring. A total of 121 members, associate members, and emeritus members of member licensing boards served on NCEES standing committees and task forces. Many others were part of the 772 exam development volunteers who worked to develop exam questions and preparation materials. Volunteers were also central to NCEES outreach efforts, including promoting licensure to college students and participating in hands-on learning activities for K–12 initiatives.