From the CEO

NCEES has built a strong organization firmly rooted in protecting the public. This has been achieved through leadership in the professions of engineering and surveying and a solid commitment to serving these professions.

Much of our work at NCEES concentrates on supporting our member boards. Our member services, including the Records program and Credentials Evaluations service, facilitate initial and comity licensure. The Continuing Professional Competency Registry, introduced in 2016, is one of the organization’s newest initiatives to support licensure mobility. Over the past year, the number of account holders using the registry NCEES doubled and the number of continuing education courses entered in it has increased by almost 145 percent.

Exam services, which support the licensure process, encompass another primary area of focus. Computer-based testing is major initiative for NCEES headquarters, both in terms of promoting and maintaining existing CBT exams and working toward transitioning the other exams to CBT. We introduced the first Principles and Practice of Engineering exam—the PE Chemical—in January 2018, and the PE Nuclear followed at the end of the year. Our exam development staff and volunteers are continuing to move the rest of the PE exams to a computer-based format.

The work of NCEES is possible because of our volunteers. The members and staff of licensing boards form the membership of NCEES standing committees and task forces as well as zone and national leadership. Others join professional engineers and surveyors from across the country as volunteers for exam development committees or participate in outreach activities. What these individuals are able to build together through their shared commitment is remarkable.

I am honored to serve as CEO of this organization. I believe in what it does and where it is heading. This annual report is a snapshot of the various ways that NCEES works to fulfill its mission. With its central focus on safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of the American public, it is a mission worthy of the shared commitment of the NCEES member boards.

B. David Cox
NCEES Chief Executive Officer